3RU Frame with Two 150/225WPower Supplies and Fan Door withLED Display


3RU Frame with Two 150/225WPower Supplies and Fan Door withLED Display

  • SAMIM SRM-0655 frame is a 3RU frame designed for SAMIM’s products that can house up to 15 cards with a single back panel or up to eight cards with the double back panel.

This frame supports all the SAMIM cards using a CAN bus and a built-in Ethernet connection.
For the super-fast communication between the cards, a 1Mbps and 100Mbps Ethernet have been used. Also, the RCT card uses a 1Gbps
Ethernet connection to control and monitor the cards. Cooling fans in the front door can be easily and quickly replaced, for the sake of easy
repair and maintenance. Control and monitoring of the frame and the status of the cards and power supplies are done through SNMP and
web interface and also the front panel keypad and display.

• Modular design
• Fast built-in bus for card updating and communication
• High reliability with two 150/225W power supplies
• Hot pluggable cards and power supplies
• Web interface remote control
• SNMP support
• OLED display for showing frame IP and cards status
• Houses up to 15 single or eight dual slot back panel cards
• Supports all the SAMIM modules
• Constant monitoring of power, current, voltage and temperature of the power supply

Order Code Description Type
SRM-0655-225-T-FL 3RU Frame with Controller Module with 1x 225W Power Supply Base
EFU-6518 External Fan Unit (1RU) Optional
PSM-6522 Redundant 225W Power Supply for SRM-0655 Base/Optional

SRM-0655 datasheet download