TV and FM Stations Control and Monitoring System in Iran

Project introduction

The TV station control and monitoring system project includes a set of hardware and software that monitors the status of the station. The operation of the control and monitoring system is as follows:

  • Remote monitoring and measurement
  • Analysis of input signals and baseband
  • Data analysis and system management based on NMS

This project was carried out in the following stations:

  • Tehran Province: Damavand, Chitgar, Taleghan, Parchin
  • Qom Province: Kamar Kuh
  • Alborz Province: Karaj
  • Semnan Province: Garmsar, Ryunkuh
  • Zanjan Province: Binder, Sayin Qala
  • Markazi Province: Mostofi, Kuh Panah
  • Hamadan Province: Jame Jam, Barband
  • Fars Province: Maharlo, Mian Roud, Golestan

Some of the equipment installed and implemented in this project are:

  • DVB-T/T2 receiver, DVB-T/T2 RF signal receiver
  • FM receiver, FM signal receiving equipment with the ability to analyze and monitor 10 FM signals from the station’s antenna
  • MCD-1080 audio decoder used to feed the FM transmitter
  • Sensors for monitoring the state of facilities and station conditions including normal and emergency power, station temperature in different parts of the hall
  • The control and monitoring system of the station, including the required hardware and software