Industrial Intercom System

Integrated IP-based voice communication and
paging solution for industrial environments

سامانـه اینترکام های قدرتمند صنعتی | سیستم اینترکام صنعتی

Secure Instant Voice Messaging in Industrial Zones

Samim Industrial intercom is an integrated IP-based solution for in-bound paging and instant voice messaging in industrial zones. It works independently from universal or local telecommunication networks. It is an ideal solution for peer/group to peer/group voice communication without the need for any central servers or matrixes. Samim Industrial Intercom system is easily configurable and provides a secure and stable structure for instant voice communications. Additionally, it is highly scalable and extensible and can be easily deployed in different networks of any scale. Industrial-specific panels of the system complies with the latest protection standards of IP42, IP65 IP66 and … Samim Insustrial Intercom is an ideal communication solution for various industrial fields including

Power Plants
and Civil



Oil, Gas and


Main Feature

امکانات و ویژگی های اصلی اینترکام صنعتی
  • Modular, scalable and customizable architecture with respect to different needs and requirements
  • Providing peer/group to peer/group communications and paging
  • Complying with the latest technologies and industrial protection standards
  • IP-based integrated system with adaptable hardware and software panels
  • Adaptable communication infrastructure based on network cables, optic fiber or wireless network
  • No need to central servers or matrices (low cost of initial deployment, operations, maintenance and security considerations)
  • Extendable to outbound networks (in private or public domains) for connecting remote geographical areas
  • Ability to connect to any other communication systems via GPIO and REST API
  • Ability to record and archive conversations logs and histories
  • System configuration control and monitoring via the monitoring application software and the panels’ web-based user interfaces
  • Ready to connect to universal telecommunication network or SIP
  • Configurable via a simple web-based UI without needing any special hardware or software
  • Equipped with an internal voice processor to remove possible noises and echoes
  • Ability to record and recall previous communicated voices as audio files
  • High security and integrity in voice communications
  • Includes guarantee, technical support and after-sales services

Related Products

Wall-mount (outdoor) Intercom Panels

Wall-mounts panels of Samim intercom system comply with IP66 protection standard. They are suitable for industrial outdoor areas and are tough against different climate situations. The modular design of this type of panels allows using a combination of rocker switches and keypads in order to dial or communicate faster with other intercom panels

Desktop (Indoor) Intercom Panels

Desktop panels comply with IP42 protection standards and are suitable for indoor environments. These panels are equipped with a 5-watt internal speaker and an adaptable microphone. They support up to 60 keys (receiver) extensive key panels.

Rack-Mount intercom panels

Rack-mount panels are in two main types of 1RU/10 key and 2RU/20 key intercom devices. They are equipped with an internal speaker an adaptable microphone and OLED displays Per key.

IP-based amplifiers

IP-based amplifiers work completely Integrated with Samim intercom system. They are in two types of rackmount and outdoor amplifiers. Outdoor amplifiers comply with IP66 protection standard and have up to 25-watt electric power. Hence, modular rack-mount amplifiers, have an output power of up to 300 watts

Intercom Control and Monitoring Application Software

By intercom control and monitoring application software, the operations and functionalities of all parts of samim intercom system can be monitored and controlled. Also, the system administrator can modify access levels or performs any configurations via web-based user interface.  The software also provides recording of all the previous conversations, generating the system activity logs and …