SAMIM IP Intercom


Advancing the technology and the industry, according to the importance of communication within different intra-organization departments, increased the demand for Intercommunication systems to provide secure and high-quality audio interconnections.

For this purpose, the Intercom (Intercommunication devices) systems for two-way audio communications were produced. The systems are independent of the telecommunication networks; therefore, they can establish stable, secure, and fast communication.

Intercom systems are offered in different types depending on the application and place of use; including Industrial Intercoms in factories and industrial sites, Hospital Intercoms between patients and staff, Broadcast Intercoms in studios, and Commercial Intercoms in buildings.

Intercom devices are available in wired/wireless types and can be used as desktop, mobile, or wall sets. Compared to wired Intercoms, wireless models are not popular with consumers because of their lower security and lower communication speed despite their ease of use and portability.

Generally, Intercom systems are available in two analog and digital architectures; IP Intercom or Intercom over IP are the other names for the digital Intercoms.  Since there is no central matrix in the digital system architecture and no limitation by matrix ports, the complexity and costs are much lower, making digital Intercoms relatively cheaper. Digitizing the Intercom systems, despite the noise elimination has improved the audio quality, users can see the details of their communication.

Broadcast Intercoms which also known as Studio Intercoms are one of the most popular and functional Intercom systems. They are useful for ensuring fast and appropriate communication between the program director and other production staff and managers, including cameramen, lighting operators, control room, etc.

Using this, the studio director could have an audio communication to other staff by pressing just one button to inform them of the necessary instructions during the process of filming, lighting, and audio recording; all on a high-quality and noiseless communication line.


SAMIM, as a professional provider of media and communication solutions, has a powerful range of Intercom products.

SAMIM Intercom is based on the digital Intercom systems to create seamless audio communication between users over the IP network; using this, made the system highly flexible and easily upgradeable.

SAMIM Intercom products are involved in different types:

–        Software panels into 2 models: Windows®-based (IIP-2000-WAPP) and Android®-based (IIP-2000-AAPP)

–        Hardware panels into 3 models: Rackmount (IIP-2000-T10R, IIP-2000-T20R) and Desktop (IIP-2000-T10D)

–        8-CH Camera and Studio Interface (IIP-2000-CSIR)

–        Control, Configuration, and Management Software

The SAMIM Software panels can be installed on portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with Windows® or Android® platforms.

The panels involved 50 user keys (IIP-2000-AAPP) and 200 user keys (IIP-2000-WAPP); each used as a communication line to different software or hardware panels.

For a better user experience, the Hardware panels are produced in Rackmount and Desktop models with 10 or 20 key counts.

IIP-2000-T10D is the Desktop model that involved 10 user keys, IIP-2000-T10R is the Rackmount model involved 10 user keys and IIP-2000-T20R is the Rackmount model involved 20 user keys.

Each user key has a small display that shows the information associated with the defined user; such as the user name, IP address, and calling status of the user. There are also some LEDs on the front panel to indicate the general status of the panel; such as Power, Microphone and Speaker Mute, Alarm, and Network connectivity.

Microphone and Headset ports, Loudspeaker, Rotaries to control microphone sensitivity and speaker volume level including mute functions, Ethernet ports including 10/100 Mbps and 1 Gbps (optional); are some other features can be found on these Intercom panels.

SAMIM IIP-2000-CSIR makes an 8-channel and two-way audio communication between the studio staff such as the cameraman and the control room. The component can be connected via the network to various call stations (usually the hardware panel in a control room). Using 8 buttons on the control panels, the component enables two-way audio communication between 8 members of the program production team (such as cameramen, the performers, etc).

Another important feature of SAMIM Intercoms is establishing group real-time audio communication or audio conference between multiple users.

IIP series can be configured in both standalone and server-based architecture. In the standalone mode, the users can personally manage the panels by connecting to the web interface; entering the system IP address into the address bar of any web browsers. In the server-based mode, the SAMIM Software-IIP is used to control, configure, and manage all the Software and Hardware panels and the Camera and Studio Interface systems.

SAMIM is a large provider of media and communication solutions and has a rich background in the production of various broadcast devices. SAMIM Intercom products are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies and based on a good knowledge of the broadcast programmers and studio infrastructures requirements.

SAMIM Intercoms are not limited to studios or production control rooms, but can also be used in different areas such as hospitals, theatre complexes, commercial buildings, etc.

SAMIM Intercom products can be fully adapted in design and production to the different needs and requirements of different organizations.