Analog Composite to SD-SDI Converter with Frame Synchronizer


Analog Composite to SD-SDI Converter with Frame Synchronizer

  • SAMIM ADC- 0230 is a converter of composite or component analog video signals to SD-SDI digital with broadcast quality which includes internal frame synchronizer.

This device features automatic support for PAL and NTSC inputs, input analog signal correction filters and -11bit ADC module provide broadcast quality conversion. Adjustments, settings and card’s controls, can be applied directly using a DIP switch. LED status indicators on the front edge of the card, inform the user about operational status of the module.

• 11bit analog to digital quantization
• VBI data line processing
• EDH injection for signal error tracing
• Reference input to create Genlock
• Composite and component signal input
• Output stability when switching the input (Clean Switch)
• Automatic detection of the input signal standard
• 3D Y/C or linear 5 adaptive comb filter
• 3D noise reduction
• Automatic gain control (AGC) on the input signal
• Output signal H and V adjustments relative to the reference signal
• Frame/field freeze

Order Code Description Type
ADC-0230 Analog Video to SD-SDI Converter with Frame Synchronizer (Compatible with SRM-0655) Main board and Back panel

ADC-0230 Datasheet Download