At a glance

Samim DLY- 3420 is a modular product mainly used for setting delays in SD/HD/3G SDI and digital audio (AES) streaming signals. Streaming delays are a great option to monitor the final broadcast signals and prevent the unwanted, inappropriate or profanity content from being published and broadcasted, specially in live productions and streaming.

Additionally, DLY 3420, is also used for frame synchronization among all streaming signals in production chain and for lip sync in final studio output signals. As an effective and reliable solution for controlling broadcast content, this product is exclusively designed, manufactured and customized by Samim Engineering group. Each DLY-3420 card, can set a maximum streaming delay of 4500 frames (180 s) in SD Signals, 1120 frames (44.8 s) in HD Signals and 1120 frames (22.4 s) in 3G signals. Minimum delay set by DLY-3420 over any SDI signals is 2 frames. Maximum and minimum Delay over AES (digital audio) signals are 180 s and 1 ms respectively. DLY-3420 cards are placed into Samim frames and can be monitored and controlled by a web-based interface over SNMP Protocol


  • 3G/HD/SD SDI signals (embedded audio and video) compatibility
  • AES (digital audio) signals compatibility
  • 2 same output signal lines
  • Reference input compatibility
  • Frame sync capability
  • No impact over SDI signals quality
  • Setting desired and separate delay over audio/ video signals (wide range of functionality)
  • Signal cascading by 2 or more cards in order to make longer delays
  • Signal compensation in output streaming
  • Control and monitoring by a simple web interface
  • SNMP support


Lip Sync

By using Dly-3420 in different parts of production chain, the problems related to asynchronous audio and video are easily solved

Input Signal Delays Sync

By using DLY-3420, different delay times of different input signal sources are synchronized.

Frame Sync

In case any frame sync is desired, DLY-3420 can be used with its minimum delay functionality. This can help a precise frame Sync along with input signal compensation.

Studio Input Control and monitoring

For the special functionality, DLY-3420 is placed between the input sources (the gallery) and the video production switcher. Again, it is necessary that a person monitors the Input signals (before DLY-3420) and in case of tracking any unwanted live content, there is time (delayed) to replace the input source.

Studio Output Control and monitoring

For the special functionality, DLY-3420 is placed after the video production switcher and before the emergency switcher. It is necessary that a person monitors the output signals personally in order to track any unwanted or inappropriate live content and set a desired delay until another signal source is replaced.