IP Intercom Panel Talkback 10 -Button 1U Rackmount


IP Intercom Panel Talkback 10 -Button 1U Rackmount

  • SAMIM IP Intercom is an integrated audio communication system which employs digital audio technology over IP network to achieve accurate, high secured and reliable communication. High scalability of IIP- 2000 allows users to configure the intercom system to fulfill their precise requirements.

IIP-2000-T10R is the talkback 10 -button 1RU rackmount of IP Intercom products. It creates a connection
between 10 different users. The architecture allows flexible interfacing with other users, reducing costs and configuration complexity by
removing audio interface cables and central matrix. Being matrix-free, allows plug-and-play networked hardware and software equipment
to be added to the system as part of a planned or ad-hoc change, with no concerns of requiring more available ports on the matrix. Not
being server-based, IIP- 2000 has the ability to manage settings, centralized controlling and real-time monitoring of the system on a PC,
cellphone, tablet, etc., only by entering an IP in the browser. This system has been fully implemented digitally. Therefore, the audio quality
is higher than the analog one, and also allows users to record details of the conversations

• Standard 1RU frame
• 10× illuminated pushbutton switches, Red/Green/Yellow
• System scalability
• Supports ITU-G.711, ITU-G.722 codecs
• Supports EBU-TECH 3347 standard
• Supports 16/48 kbps sample rates
• Firmware upgrade ability
• Easy configuration and monitoring
• High fidelity sound quality
• Cost-effective
• Ability to make group conversation
• High reliability

Order Code Description Type
IIP-2000-T10R 1RU IP-based Intercom Panel, 10 Keys Base
IIP-2000-MIC1 Gooseneck Microphone (JTS GM-5212K) Accessory

IIP-2000-T10R Datasheet Download