48x6 3G/HD/SD-SDI Multi-image Processor System


48x6 3G/HD/SD-SDI Multi-image Processor System

  • SAMIM MIP- 4806 is a professional and modular 3G/HD/SD-SDI multi-image processor. It is an advanced equipment for monitoring and logging the 3G/HD/SD-SDI video signal and embedded audio in TV studios and monitoring centers. Inputs can be extended up to 48 in the form of eight SDI inputs per module.

The MIP- 4806 has been combined with a 48×48 router to enable it to display each input on each output. System is presented in 3RU standard 19” frame and has redundant power supply to increase reliability. Output of cards are easily connected to each other via back panel and cascading is done internally without cabling. There are 48 mosaic panel windows totally in all output modules which can be divided by eight. The MIP- 4806 can analyze the input signals to detect the errors and alarms and show them on window panels. Also, it records them in internal memory and stores different configuration settings. Designing the graphical elements including the background, border, analog or digital clocks, tally, audio bargraph and UMD are done with SAMIM Monitoring Software CMS 620. Exploring the log and saving layouts are also performed by the CMS- 620. Graphical signal of the designed layout is combined with the signal produced by the MIP modules. Depending on configuration, final output is available in HDMI and 3G/HD/SD-SDI formats.

• Modularity and easy access to increase and decrease the input and output modules and minimizing the down time in the worst case
• Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI input signals
• Input signals up to 48 in form of 8 per each module
• Outputs up to 6 HDMI and 3G/HD/SDI, one per each module
• 8×1 output multi-image modules
• Input equalization
• SNMP support
• Making reports of errors and alarms
• Input detection indication through front edge LEDs and Monitoring Software
• Shows signals with different frame rates
• Saves the last layout in output and controller card and loads settings of them with the priority of controller card
• Capability to assign any scale, size and x-y coordinates for every mosaic in software
• Audio bar graph for embedded signals with EBU.R68 standard
• Supports 16 channels of embedded audio and displays one group in the output
• Synchronization with external LTC signal and NTP service or manual for showing accurate time and assigning offset time to different
and local clocks
• Control and configuration through LAN
• Tally display related to GPI inputs with open collector topology (40 GPIs for inputs)
• Color changing of tally related graphical elements (UMD, border and tally)
• Input loss detection with saving in internal memory and express alarm in related mosaic
• Video signal
• Loss of signal (unlock)• Black
• Freeze
• EDH (AP, FF)
• Embedded Audio
• Loss of Audio
• Silent
• Overload
• Assigns text to UMDs with fonts selected from a specified set with user-defined color and size
• Supports Latin and Persian fonts
• Arial
• IR Homa
• IR Nazanin
• IR Sina
• IR Traffic
• IR Titr
• IR Yagut
• IR Zar
• Tahoma
• Standard 3RU frame with redundant power supply
• Remote update

Order Code Description Type
SDE-4800 3RU Router/Multiviewer Frame Supporting Up to 48x 3G-SDI/ASI Input with Base Modules, and Back-panel Base
PSM-6522 Redundant 225W Power Supply for MIP-4806 Optional
SDE-4800-SDI-IN-8CH 8-Channel Input Module for SDE Up to 6 per chassis
SDE-4800-MIP-OUT Multi-Image Output Processing Module (8 PIPs, 1x Output) for SDE/PVS Up to 6 per chassis
EFU-6518 External Fan Unit (1RU) Base

MIP-4806 Datasheet Download