Single Channel Optical to Electrical Converter


Single Channel Optical to Electrical Converter

  • SAMIM OES- 3903 is a converter of digital video signals on a fiber optic link to 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI electrical signals. This card can be used along with electrical signal to optical signal converter cards on the receiver side.

The OES- 3903 features input signal detection, input fiber link detection, loss compensation, input re-clocker for accessing eight outputs. According to link distance, it provides different SFP with various input sensitivity. All adjustments and controls can be applied directly by onboard DIP switches and web interface remote control. LED Indicators on the front edge of the card, inform the user about operational status of the module.

• Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI
• Input signal detection
• LC/UPC optical connection
• Re-Clocker for jitter removal
• Eight 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI electrical outputs
• Compatible with SAMIM frames
• LED status indicators
• Web interface remote control
• Remote update
• SNMP support

Order Code Description Type
OES-3903 Single Channel SDI/ASI to Optical Fiber Converter Main Board Main Board
OES-3903-3DRP Back-panel for OES-3903 (compatible with SRM-655) Back-panel
OES-3903-1DRP Back-panel for OES-3903 (compatible with SRM-645) Back-panel
FBR-0001-00 Video SFP, Single Receiver, -3 to -20dbm, 10km, 0.27~3Gbps, 1200~1600nm
(For other options contact Samim)
SFPs with other power and wavelength specifications Accessory

OES-3903 Datasheet Download