DVB-S/S2 Dual Satellite Receiver


DVB-S/S2 Dual Satellite Receiver

  • STC-0530 is a converter of satellite signal to ASI and IP signals based on DVB-S/S2 standard. This card can transmit TS data as MPEG-TS over an IP network in UDP and RTP packets using an RJ-45 connector.

In this mode, TS data available in one specific frequency band can be transmitted over a network in Unicast or Multicast.
The card features two RF inputs and two independent DVB-ASI outputs. The STC-0530 can be used with a Remux system for Satellite reception and terrestrial transmitters Signaling. LED indicators inform the user about operational status of the module. Optional LAN control and monitoring is possible.

Two independent L-Band DVB-S/S2 inputs
One loop signal for each RF input
Frequency range of 950-2150 MHz
Two independent ASI and one IP outputs
LNB power supply included
Support for DVB-S/S2 standards
Compatible with 3RU frames (SRM-0655)
Control and monitoring of RF parameters (Level & SNR)
Symbol rates of 1-45 MSymbs/s

Order Code Description Type
STC-0530 DVB-S/S2 Dual Satellite Receiver Main Board
STC-0530-3DRP Back-panel for STC-0530 (compatible with SRM-0655) Back-panel

STC-0530 Datasheet Download