Automation of Nasim, Namayesh and Tamasha channels

Project description:


This project was done in order to provide a solution, supply equipment, install and set up an integrated production and archive automation chain, and provide the necessary equipment for HD broadcasting of Nasim, Namayesh and Tamasha channels. The approach of SAMIM company in the automation project of the mentioned channels is the transition from traditional architectures to modern architectures. Scalability, extensibility, accessibility, reliability, independence from hardware and cost reduction are the most important parameters included in design of this project.

Infrastructure architecture:

The basis of the proposed architecture is based on the ease of implementation, deployment, use, maintenance and support. The main components of this architecture include processing infrastructure, storage, archive and backup, and broadcast infrastructure.


Software Architecture:

In this architecture, the system is completely layered, and each layer has specific tasks. Each layer is modular and consists of different modules. SAMIM’s comprehensive media management and distributing system, using BPMS and the BPMN2 standard, manages all the processes in the chain of receiving to distributing content optimally. Processes such as receiving and storing multimedia content, content enrichment, media-oriented processing (quality control, proxy version generation, format conversion, recording, etc.), access control, auditing, tagging, archiving and publishing, are examples of this processes.