Studio Intercom Project

Project description:


SAMIM’s comprehensive intercom system is intended to create voice communication between users of different parts in an integrated manner over Ethernet network. The operation of this system on the network platform has advantages such as the ease of expanding and increasing users, as well as the possibility of managing and monitoring the system. The design of the mentioned system is completely localized. Given that this system does not need to design and implement a new infrastructure to communicate, in this project, the existing network infrastructure in the IRIB was used.

The items used in the project included the following devices:

  • Rackmount 1RU panel with 10 keys
  • Rackmount 2RU panel with 20 keys
  • Desktop panel with 10 keys
  • Camera interface
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • software version of management/monitoring of SAMIM comprehensive intercom system


The overall structure of the project: