Recording Management System

A professional solution to manage recording and storage of media content from different inputs

سامانـه مدیریت ضبط

Implement and manage dedicated recording media asset processes

This solution is responsible for recording and receiving media asset from various inputs (including satellite/terrestrial antennas, live stream, SDI signal, etc.) which is managed with the help of hardware infrastructure and web user interface. Recorded content will be stored or re-streamed and will be accessible and reused as newer re-produced programs.

فرآیندهای اختصاصی ضبط محتوای مدیایی

Online recording system

This solution is necessary for companies and organizations that need to store multimedia content and maintain it as an archive. The recording system of Samim Company is able to receive the broadcast programs and network antenna outputs from different platforms and record and store them in its storage (Or LTO) spaces. Considering that movie and video files have a high volume, the intimate recording system provides users with all the files while maintaining the original quality.

In Samim’s recording system, it is possible to receive multiple inputs at the same time with different standards. In this way, many costs related to hardware have been reduced and there is no need to prepare a lot of space to place the system. Also, in this system, the ability to customize for any organization and institution has been included, which has turned it into a user-friendly and flexible product.

کاربردهای اصلی سامانه


Monitoring, control and continuous auditing of television and radio signals


Receiving multi-program (MPTS) streams and sending them as separate radio and television channels (TS Over IP)


Preparation and reproduction of media content,
in the form of standard TS (MPTS or SPTS)


Receive/save/restream all kinds of online media
content, regardless of the input channel

Main Features

  • Record up to 8 input signals simultaneously
  • The possibility of recording radio and television content from SDI/HDMI/DVBS-S2/DVBT-T2/IP input signals
  • Web-based recording system management
  • DiSEqC Switch support for four and sixteen inputs
  • Sending radio and TV channels as Unicast and Multicast in TS Over IP packageReceive and decode encrypted BISS channels
  • Ability to search terrestrial channels, satellite and multi-program streams
  • The possibility of randomly changing the IP of outgoing streams while playing manually and automatically
  • Ability to report on server performance
  • Receiving MPTS multi-program channels and publishing them as SPTS single-program channels
  • Cutting of recorded content automatically and manually
  • Modular setup of recordable inputs
  • Signal status monitoring and the possibility of switching to an alternative signal
  • The possibility of integrated authentication (in the form of comprehensive automation) or dedicated and separate
مزایا و کاربردهای سامانه مدیریت ضبط