Terrestrial and Satellite
Signals Monitoring

Professional Solution for Monitoring and Controlling Audio/Video Signals

مانیتورینگ سیگنال های زمینی و ماهواره ای

Integrated and Centralized AV Signals Monitoring

Samim powerful solution for monitoring and controlling AV signals, includes a smart network monitoring system called Samim Smart Cast Manager which connects to all the active devices and equipment in signal preparation to contribution chain, monitors all the existing signals transportations and renders detailed information and reports.

The Samim signal monitoring system can be customized for different clients and different requirements, thus there would be no limitations for the system to adapt with devices of any type and any brand.

کنترل جامع و متمرکز سیگنال های صدا و تصویر

In order to monitor HEVC HD channels in TV stations, devices like TV receivers, decoders, … are necessary.  TV receivers or setup boxes capable to get HEVC HD channels are usually very expensive or very rare. But Samim STC-533-80 cards can easily help to get even 2 lines of DVBT/T2 channels in the same time and to send them as TS-over-IP to MVP-0570 monitoring system. Samim MVP (as a decoder) can also display HEVC codecs.

راهکار هوشمند پایش و کنترل متمرکز سیگنال های صدا و تصویر


مزیت های راهکار مانیتورینگ سیگنال
  • Efficient technical chain monitoring and observation of possible system issues and problems
  • Easier centralized technical maintenance, optimized performance and lower costs related to professional human resources
  • Worry-free system development and expansion through effortless integration of new devices and Systems
  • Customisable dashboards for effective system management
  • Identification of possible weakness and strength points in system technical chain
  • Ability to archive system technical chain operational history
  • Generating customized reports of system devices and technical chain performance and health
  • Displaying system device list for Asset Management

In addition of special regulations and protocols of networks connections, Samim smart cast manager utilizes a powerful network device detection tool that is able to identify, analyze and Report network issues.
Additionally, it can merge related issues and problems information and delivers error notifications, alerts, hints and help notes to the operators; hence the large quantity and various information gathered from different devices would not be confusing or complicating and leads to a fast reaction against system issues.

In Samim smart cast manager it is possible to send the notifications by tickets, emails and SMS to the defined technical operators. All the system reports and alerts of smart cast manager are logged, saved and archived for future use

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TS Remultiplexers

Samim TS Remultiplexers receive, process, multiplex and modify the tables of transport stream packages. They comply with the latest standards in broadcast industry and work very hard in tough situations in addition of being controlled and monitored remotely

TS Receivers and Gateways

Samim receivers and Streamers can receive DVBS/S2 or DVBT/T2 satellite signals and convert them to ASI Signals and IP Streams. They transmit TS packets as MPEG-TS RTP and UDP packets over ethernet

TS Multiviewer

 The MVP-0570 is vital part of the SAMIM TS monitoring solution which offers a fast video and audio decoding including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.265/HEVC, HE-ACC and ACC from a single or multi-program transport streams and provides a powerful mosaic view of audio and video services. With advanced signal quality analyzing, and alarming, including silent, black, freeze, loudness and PID loss. It can be reliable propping for fault management in the signal chain.